How To Care For Your Pop Art Portrait?

When one has a bought a pop art portrait you can exhibit either in the house or the office. However for them to last longer, healthy and happy life there are ten tips that one can use to care for the pop art portrait.

The first tip is ensuring that the pop art is not placed in direct sunlight since the sun makes the art to crack and fade over time. At all times the pop art should never be kept under the sun even if it had vanished because it will either break, wilt or spoil.  Remark the understanding about how to turn picture into pop art.

Secondly, the art should be stored carefully by ensuring that each piece is stored separately and they should not be leaning avoid accidents thus causing breakage.

Thirdly the art should be appropriately cleaned. It is done to avoid the buildup of dust, and by doing it, one is supposed to use a soft cloth to avoid damaging the pieces.

Fourthly one is not supposed to clean the piece using water or a detergent cause this can damage the art.

Fifthly one supposed to be careful when transporting the pop art by packing them safely using bubble wraps or similar materials to prevent them from breaking.

Sixth avoid the extreme changes in temperature, humidity, and dryness to prevent spoiling the portrait. Any changes that occur in your body that is affecting you it happens the same to the pieces.So take care of them like the way you take care of your body.  Find out more information about this link at

Seventh don't cover the piece with a plastic material but use a spongy material after which you can go ahead and cover it with a plastic material. Coating the portion with a plastic material causes mugginess thus making the portrait to get fungus and therefore spoiling.

Eighth in case a portrait spoils it should be taken to an expert who will know the techniques to use when handling it.Instead of doing it yourself and therefore causing more damage.

Ninth avoid the portraits coming into contact with water, heat, pollution or insects.

Tenthly avoid overusing the light from the picture. Over a period as you draw particular attention to the art, they can end up causing damage to the portrait.

The portrait will last long and remain in the best condition if you keep in mind the dos and don'ts with a little information and regular care.  Learn more about Pop Art at